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The Servants

We are in 1895 in a country house surrounded by estates in Russia. There, two servants try to organize their lives and dreams. 

Premiere October 30, 2023

Theatro Horos



F * ck Strindberg

(a.k.a. Creditors by A. Strindberg)

Experimental Stage of the Thessaly Theatre.

Premiered on March 24, 2022

F_ck Strindberg

Vincent River

by Philip Ridley

A thrilling and emotional encounter between a mother and the only witness of her son's murder.

​Stage B of Kefallinias Theatre.

Premiered on  May 2019

vincent river

Love. The Hero.

by A. Papadiamantis

First Prize at the Theatrical Monologue Festival 2018.

Performances at Eupolis-Art Theater  

Premiered on February 4, 2019

Director's Portfolio: Portfolio

Mr. Timotheos and the Lost Gem of Knowledge

by S. Kosmidis

Children's Theatre Performance. Thessaly Theatre.

Larissa.  Premiered on February 2017

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