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Οι Υπηρέτες αλεξανδρος μπαλαμώτης

Plot: We are in 1895 in a country house surrounded by an estate in Russia. Two servants try to organize their lives and dreams. At the same time, they work for the caretaker Ilya Afaniasyevich Samrayev, as well as for the guests of the estate owner Pyotr Nikolayevich Sorin, his sister Irina Nikolaevna Arkadina, her ambivalent son Konstantin Gavriilovich Trepliev and a bunch of other people who with their drama and exaggeration don't leave them alone.

The play is an existential dramedy inspired by Yakov, a nearly silent role in Anton Chekhov's play Seagull. His presence in Seagull is so small that if removed, as per usual, it changes nothing in the play. Focusing on the presence of such "insignificant" people and placing them at the center of the action, we watch through their eyes the events at Sorin's estate. How much "life" are these servants allowed? Do they have time to dream and plan for a better tomorrow or does their marginally mute presence in the structure of Seagull also reflect their silencing in relation to their rights, desires, and their very existence?

In their first collaboration, The Prodigy Theater Company and Naif use Chekhov's play as an occasion to explore the question of the person in servitude, of the person who doesn't seem important enough to "star". How much theatrical, and not only, value does an invisible human existence have?

The text, which is performed for the first time, was created during the rehearsals with the Active Analysis technique of Constantin Stanislavski.



Directed by: Alexandros Nikolaos Balamotis

Sets-Costumes: Ilias Petropoulos

Assistant Director & Lighting design: Katerina Maria Saltaoura

Sound design: Mikes Glykas

Photos: Alexandra Riba

P.R.: Marika Arvanitopoulou | Art Ensemble

Rehearsal space: Omicron3

Trailer creation: Stefanos Kosmidis | Orki Productions

Constructions: Katerina Maria Saltaoura & George Paterakis

Produced by: The Prodigy Theater Company & Naif

Text created by: Alexandros Nikolaos Balamotis, Antonis Kyriakakis, Giorgos Paterakis



Antonis Kyriakakis and George Paterakis


The voices of Lena Bozakis and Dionysis Pifeas are heard in the roles of Nina and Trepliev from Anton Chekhov's The Seagull, translated to Greek by David Maltese.


Theatro Horos

Orpheus & Praviou 6-8, Botanikos, Athens


Every Monday and Tuesday from October 30, 2023 for a few performances.

Start time: 21:00

Ticket prices 14 euros and 10 reduced (Students, disabled.)

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