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Love. The Hero.

by Alexandros Papadiamantis

ερως ηρως

An adaptation for the stage of Alexandros Papadiamantis' short novel Eros Iros (Love. The Hero.) The performance won the 1st Prize in the Athenian Monologue Festival 2018 organised by Eupolis-Art Theatre.


The play: Yiorgis is a young man with a boat. Because of his young age he is not allowed to sail his own boat so he has to hire an older sea man. His captain calls on him to let him know that they will be taking across the canal a just-married couple, in the middle of the night. The wedding is a secret. This seems to be of no concern to Yiorgis, when he suddenly starts realising that the new bride is the love of his life. His imagination and frustration grow wild. He must not let this happen, by any circumstances. Even if he has kill the captain, the groom and bride's mother.

The performance follows the rules of 'Teatro Povero'. It keeps Papadiamantis' language idiom intact and with a fast pace and a sense of humor, manages to make this 1987  novel into a contemporary and relevant piece of theatre.

Directed by Alexandros Balamotis.

Performed by Antonis Kyriakakis.

Light Design by Konstantinos Anagnostou.

Set and Costume design by The Prodigy Theatre Company.

Produced by The Prodigy Theatre Company.

Premiered in February 2019 in Eupolis -Art Theatre.

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